Last Friday President Obama was hosting Brian Williams and NBC News for a look inside the Obama White House. Part one aired last night and part 2 airs tonight. I happen to catch it last night and decided to watch it because there was really nothing else on.

President Obama

President Obama, not one of the Five Guys

It was the usual love feast by the mainstream media and Obama. There were profiles of some of the staff, it showed the President and his movers and shakers have meeting and how the staff interacts with Obama. They seem to have a real admiration for him and are working hard for him and his vision for the country. Wish He would share that with the rest of us.

One thing that I found humorous was when Brian Williams set down and did an interview with the President and asked him about Sotomayor, Williams commented that Obama answered the question for 10 minutes. And at the end of the interview, Obama revisited the question for 4 more minutes. Obama is so slick with his answers that for a moment, he had me “hypmo-tized.” Not to fear, I snapped myself out of it.

Then they show the President taking lunch orders from staff members and then a motorcade to Five Guys. I am watching this and thinking why is the President making a lunch run? I thought the country was in dire straits and needed his guidance and constant attention to correct the mistakes of the last 8 years. Hey Mr. President, I bet they deliver or you could send a staff member to fetch lunch. I am wondering if it was staged for TV. Nay not Obama.

Anyway the workers in the restaurant are all screaming and taking pictures as Obama is placing the order. Then he mingles with some patrons while he awaits the order. They all scream some more when he leaves.

Williams says as they are riding in the limo, that this is the only time the President has time to himself and that he likes to live outside the bubble when he can. It hit me that if Bush had done this kind of thing, the democrats would be calling for impeachment and dismemberment. Mr. President, you can live outside the bubble in 2013.

So I will be watching tonight as part 2 airs. It is billed as showing the personal side of the Obama’s as a family living in the White House. I wonder where the President goes to get dinner tonight. Will it be local or will he travel to San Francisco? Tune in to find out.