A 42 year old Michigan woman has been charged in the murder of her 62 year old father; she apparently killed her father over dinner rolls. The father was stabbed multiple times and a gun was also used in the altercation.

Melvindale, Michigan is the site of this bizarre crime; although no previous disturbances had been reported from this home, the daughter, Ava Gordon had eaten rolls her father had asked her not to eat. That’s when the daughter killed the father over the dinner rolls.

The father had written a note and placed it on the leftover dinner rolls telling his daughter not to eat them; this is what precipitated the fight. The woman stabbed her father multiple times and fled the scene, the 62 year old father was able to call 911 and was still alive when police arrived. He was later pronounced dead at a Dearborn, Michigan hospital.

Melvindale police later found the woman hiding in the woods behind her father’s home and she is considered the prime suspect in this case. Neighbors say the woman had recently moved into the home with her father from New York, and that there had been no signs of problems before.

The American culture is certainly spiraling out of control; everyday seemingly we see more and more evidence of this. The killing of a father by a daughter over leftover food is one of the best examples of a society run amok.

It has been widely reported about the economic condition of the state of Michigan; this however has not been speculated to have been a factor in this senseless killing. Just consider this your daily dose of insanity from an insane world. Daughter kills Father over dinner rolls; not much more needs to be said.

Police have formerly charged 42 year old Ava Gordon with the murder of her father.

Dinner Roll Murder Video