Today, June 2nd, is National Leave Work Early Day, or Leave the Office Early Day. Before you leave work early and anger your boss, please understand that this is not an officially recognized holiday in any state or locality. In fact, very few companies, if any, consider this a “holiday.”

The holiday was created by Laura Stack, a businesswoman, author and productivity expert. On her website, she promotes the holiday as a way of increasing productivity by encouraging people to have more time to take care of their responsibilities outside of the office.

The “holiday” began as way of recognizing that American workers are overworked and rarely limited to 8 hours a day at work. For one day, Laura Stack wanted workers to focus on adjusting their priorities and finding ways to achieve a better work/life balance.

If you are looking for an excuse to leave the office early today, the boss is highly unlikely to buy this one.

However, I do appreciate the sentiment. American workers, despite the recession, are the most productive in the world, and, according to most studies, work very hard compared to the rest of the world.

Perhaps we should harness the energy and productivity of American workers by letting them keep the fruits of their labors instead of taxing them to oblivion?

National Leave Work Early Day is a nice sentiment, but not a reality for most of us. Since we all have to work hard, the least Obama could do is let us keep what we earn.