The Arab world is all giddy as preparations are underway for President Obama’s third World Apology Tour. First stop on the five day four country tour will be Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to meet with King Abdullah, no doubt to kiss his boots and try and get more oil for his oil buddies in the states. That is what all Presidents do when they go to Saudi Arabia. It will be a private meeting so we won’t know if Obama will bow before the king.

Obama as Christ 3

President Barack Obama

The big event will take place in Cairo where Barack Hussein Obama will focus on how the U S must improve its relationship with the Muslims by blaming America. He is expected to discuss his Hope for peace in the Middle East. Most of which appears to be the Bush “Road Map to Peace.” Obama and Secretary of State Clinton both told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during last weeks visit at the White House to stop building settlements in the West Bank. Bush asked for three years for an end to the settlements.

A Palestinian Official was demanding that President Obama follow up his tough talk to Netanyahu with action. Has this official been paying attention for the last 130 days or so? What they are really saying is that unless they stop the settlements, peace will fail like it has the last 2000 years. Even if Israel stopped and gave the West Bank to them, that would not be enough for peace. The Palestinians want all the land that is now Israel without any of the Jews there. They want what Hitler and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants and that is extinction of Israel.

Since Obama has been President he has given an interview to the Arabic satellite Al Arabiya, done a video for the Iranians and in Turkey recently told them that the U. S would never be at war with them. I was not aware that were ever at war with them or thinking about being. Oh well.

His first order as President was to order the closing of Guantanamo and promise not to torture any Muslims. Even though he has yet given any details of what he plans to do with our guest there. (I guess we are to call them that since we can’t call them terrorist.)

After kissing and hugging the Muslims, Obama will travel to Buchenwald, Germany to visit a former Nazi Concentration camp that he errorously claimed his uncle helped liberate during WWII last year during the election campaign. He will not have to apologize to the Germans, because they love him. Then he goes to Normandy, France for the 65th anniversary of the June 6, 1944 allied invasion. No doubt there will be a photo showing Obama walking along the beach with sadness on his face as he remembers that day. And then that will be followed by a photo of him walking on water.

It is safe to say that Obama will promise anything to anyone willing to believe him. 53% of America did and we are just so much better off now.