Obama is doing a BBC interview that will be aired on Tuesday. In the interview he states that the US can’t impose its values on the rest of the world. Instead, he says, we must serve as a role model. Read about it and see photos and a video below.

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Barack Obama

There is an Obama BBC interview with Justin Webb in which the President discusses his plans to community organize the world. He has a plan for reinvigorating Middle East peace negotiations. He says that the US can’t impose its values on the world, but rather should stand as a role model for the world.

That seems to have something to do with providing more fire power for Palestine terrorists while telling Israel they are on their own.

The interview is just ahead of his visit first to Saudi Arabia and Egypt followed up by a visit Europe. During the interview Obama said the United States must lead by example. According to him that means we must close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp on Cuba. Unfortunately for him however, that’s easier said than done. Its one thing to sit back and criticize what our leaders do. Its an entirely other thing to be a leader and have to actually make decisions. Perhaps that’s why he’s flip-flopped so much on the closing Gitmo thing. At this point he is saying he’ll have Gitmo closed by January 22, 2010. He seems to equate holding terrorists and enemy combatants with telling others what to do and how to behave. I’m not at all sure how someone would make that connection. Perhaps we, as a nation, are inhibiting these bad actors detained at Gitmo from being able to get in touch with their inner terrorists.

Sometimes I think Obama says what he thinks the public wants to hear and then does whatever he wants to do behind the scenes. It probably goes without saying that the press doesn’t call him on the inconsistencies between what he says and what he does.

Many people are saying that Obama’s the ‘important’ speeches he will read from his teleprompters while he’s on this tour will be apology speeches. Apologizing for the success of the American way of life and apologizing for our previous attempts to give assistance to countries less fortunate than our own. I feel confident that he doesn’t see it that way. Apparently, he sees it as community organizing. In this case that would be world organizing. You know, ‘can’t we all just get along’.

I wish him the best of luck in his attempts at touchy-feely diplomacy, giving more sympathy to our enemies than to our friends and trying to ‘relate’ to the less fortunate nations of the world by siding with them in their hostile-dependency on the United States. I wish him the best of luck because whether we like it or not, our fates and the fate of our great nation are tied to the actions and inactions of this neophyte who has thus far spent his presidency paying back political debts at the expense of our freedoms and the U.S. economy.

Obama on Middle East peace negotiations

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Obama BBC Interview – Video