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Obama New York City Date Night

Barack and Michelle Obama had a date night in New York City over the weekend. Well, actually it was more like a date weekend, but who cares? Anyway, there has been a bit of a ruckus about how much this nice little evening out cost, considering that the President has been explaining to the common people that we must make sacrifices in our lifestyles for the better good and all that.

You might remember the huge big deal the main stream media made about George W. Bush going to Texas for working time off. However, when he was out of town, he was pictured hauling logs, clearing brush and working out. This President is more inclined to be photographed eating Wagyu steak and arugula, walking topless on beautiful Hawaiian beaches or joking with the main stream media (his base) about terrorism and economy. The celebrity President went out on the town while the country is suffering financial strain. He did it on the tax payer dime while asking the tax payers to pay more taxes and to cut back our spending. He’s getting some bad press for his bad timing. But, of course, he will always have his defenders, no matter what he does.

The White House is refusing to tell how much this little excursion with his wife cost the American people. Considering that last months joyride and Air Force One photo-op over the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero cost us about $250,000 (or more), we can safely assume that this trip would cost at least that. All things considered.

Eat that taxpayer minions.

As an aside, I wish that Michelle’s stylist would suggest she not wear outfits that emphasize her hips. Just making a suggestion …

Speaking of dates and relationships between men and women, have you heard about The Crisis of the Disappearing Educated Male? Read about it over at the American Thinker.

Its interesting to watch the leftist get upset with what their celebrity president is doing to our country. They are even upset with the latest from the left’s love child Michael Moore. It seems he’s celebrating the demise of GM. Who knew they’d get upset when their own pocket’s got picked. I guess their ideals of sharing all they have with everyone else only goes for other people.

They are still recounting votes in Minnesota in the Franken-Coleman Senate race. Does anyone care anymore? It’ll most likely be time for the next election before this one is decided.

Nancy Reagan has said she was snubbed by The Barack Obama. Now Obama’s media, otherwise known as NBC is mocking Mrs. Reagan for that. I bet she wishes she was nicer to Bush while he was in office now.

It seems that Playboy magazine has gone all hate speech on conservative women. Sadly, we seem to live in a country divided and even our sex magazines are taking sides. Do men really look for intellectual conversation on politics from women wearing floppy bunny ears and bushy tails? I think not! Whoever is editing Playboy these days must really believe men when they say they by the magazine for the articles.

It turns out that Pamela of Atlas Shrugs is one of the targets of Playboy’s hate speech. I doubt she’s overly concerned about it. She’s rightfully more concerned with the fatal illusions about moderate muslims. Check it out.

In all seriousness, why worry about terrorists, the growing threat of war in the Middle East, Hugo Chavez mocking the American president, growing threats from North Korea and the fact that even the Russians are seeing an American decent into Marxism. Why even think about the flip-flopping of the President on closing or not closing Gitmo or ending the war in Iraq … while the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan steadily increases. We shouldn’t wince that Gitmo prisoners are getting new laptops while our young people are being educated by the likes of Bill Ayers. Why worry about growing violence in Pakistan along with increasing power of the Taliban? All of that is nothing next to a Presidential promise to take his wife out to a Broadway play, traveling on the most expensive aircraft in the world to and from New York City and showing his wife a wonderful time on one of the most expensive presidential dates in the history. Yes sir, that’s our President.

Below are some videos of the New York City date night.

Obama New York City Date Night – Video

Obama New York City Date Night Cost? – Video