Daytona, FL. Homeless-Only Village

(Courtsey of News 6, WKMG – Orlando)
Real estate developer Michael Arth is proposing to build a 5,600-bed community for the homeless on a 125-acre parcel land outside of Daytona Beach, Florida, that would provide shelter, psychiatric help and a support network for the areas homeless population that is estimated to be around 2,500 people.

“This is for the people who can’t work and can’t integrate themselves into society,” Arth said. “The answer is not to build a Hooverville of tents and trailers but to make these buildings attractive enough so that if you or I would went there, we would say, ‘Wow, I’d live there.”

As you might imagine, not everyone is thrilled with the idea, and some folks in and around the area in question think that Arth’s proposal will only promote homelessness and that the population will relocate to rural areas.

Toyota Is Developing New “Ultra-Low-Cost” Automobile Production Process

(Courtesy AFX News)
Toyota Motor Co. is not only trying to reinvent the wheel, its developing a totally different carmaking process that will significantly cut costs across the entire chain of production, President Katsuaki Watanabe said in an interview with the Financial Times.

“The focus is on low-cost technology,” Watanabe said. “Everything from design to production methods will be radically changed and we are thinking of a really ultra-low-cost way of designing, using ultra-low-cost materials, even developing new materials if necessary.”

Watanabe said the company will review every step in the production process to lower costs for a new model and then to apply the lessons across its line-up.Watanabe said that Toyota has a rough target of being “at least” cheaper than the Renault Logan which sells for about $6,105.00 U.S. in western Europe.

Our guys in Detroit better get on the ball,

Get Ready For “Wikileaks�?

(Courtsey of SMH News)
Some hi-tech do-gooders are in the process of developing a website that offers whistleblowers a forum in which they can anonymously leak information for the rest of us to view at leisure, and even collaborate with each other about the misconduct of governments and big corporations.

Wikileaks is being billed as “an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis”. The sites’ builders have created Wikileaks with the anonymity their contributors in mind by implementing a system that uses sophisticated cryptographic technology in order to ensure users cannot be traced.

Some people, such as Dr Sawyer, a senior research fellow at Griffith University who is leading a national research project on whistleblowing, are concerned about the anonymous “wiki�? whistleblowing website.

According to Dr. Brown said, Wikileaks would encourage frivolous complaints and unwarranted material could pass unchecked. Dr Brown said that without an authority or media body to weigh up the “costs and benefits of blowing the whistle”, whistleblowers may put themselves in danger, and that “an open deposit website doesn’t have any of those inbuilt protection or responsibility mechanisms,” he said.

Even worse, Steve Aftergood, who writes the Federation of American Scientists’ Secrecy News blog, fears that Wikileaks’ “indiscriminate disclosure” policy could result in damaging documents, such as a nation’s defense plans, being made public.

The people at Wikileaks claim that more that 1 million documents are already awaiting publication.

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