Brace yourself for the latest Drew Peterson news and prepare to enter the ‘Win a Conjugal Visit with Drew’ contest. Read way more than you want to know and hear the shocking audio tape below when he called the Mancow show on his radio program from jail.

Drew Peterson

Win a Conjugal Visit with Drew Peterson Contest?

Apparently model prisoner Drew Peterson is having just as much fun in prison as he did prior to his arrest. He called a local radio station and suggested a new radio contest to spice up their ratings.

The Drew Peterson “Win a Conjugal Visit” with Drew contest will surely attract the attention of daring young women everywhere. After all, an entire harem of thrill-seeking wives have learned as much. Drew Peterson is plain old bad luck. Just ask Kathleen Savio and Stacey Peterson, whenever they find her.

But he is a good sport. He called local radio station WLS-AM in Chicago from his jail cell and joked that they should sponsor the new contest starring himself. The bit was carried on their “Mancow & Cassidy” show. This is the same shock-jock Mancow who is known for ridiculous publicity stunts like waterboarding.

He also spoofed the old MasterCard advertisement by saying “$20 million bond. Legal fees. Tens of thousands. Falsely accused of a homicide that didn’t happen. Priceless.” Never one to shirk a stage, Drew cracked a lot of hilarious killer jokes too.

Drew Peterson is cheap. Who new? He called collect to the radio station which eagerly accepted. That’s a good trick when you do not want to be put on hold. My next call to the White House will be collect so we can report on what the hell is going on there.

An audio tape of Drew Peterson’s phone call in the form of a YouTube video is below.

Drew Peterson Radio Phone Call (Audio)
Win a Conjugal Visit With Drew Contest!