UPDATE: 6/29/09 Supreme Court finds for New Haven Firefighters

A current case that is before the Supreme Court of the United States is likely to get a lot of attention over the summer; as President Obama nominates Judge Sonya Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the Ricci vs. DeStefano case involving New Haven, Connecticut firefighters will be on the front burner.

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The Next Big Battle

Ricci vs. DeStefano is a case involving reverse discrimination charges against the city of New Haven by 20 firefighters. The firefighters took a test for promotion but had the tests thrown out due to the fact that 27 African Americans took the test and didn’t score well enough to be promoted.

Frank Ricci is the firefighter who brought the suit, along with 19 other white colleagues and 1 Hispanic. The firefighters had their tests results thrown out and no promotions were granted by the city of New Haven; the reason being that no African American candidates emerged from the testing with a score high enough to promote. Rather than face the scrutiny of not promoting an African American, the city of New Haven decided to disenfranchise all involved by promoting no one.

The case was dismissed and went to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals where Judge Sonya Sotomayor sided with the city of New Haven and upheld the dismissal in a one paragraph opinion. The case is now before the United States Supreme Court; where Judge Sotomayor could be spending the rest of her life upon confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

This is clearly a case of reverse discrimination, but in the mind of liberals such a thing does not exist. The only discrimination that exists in the mind of a liberal is against minorities, gays, any religion other than Christianity, illegal immigrants, and against terrorists who are not legal citizens of the United States.

The left wing media is already trying to get out in front of this touchy case for Judge Sotomayor.

This would be a sticky situation for her confirmation except for the huge majority that liberals hold in the U.S. Senate. It will be very interesting to see how Ricci vs. DeStefano comes out as the Supreme Court rules on it later this year. Here’s a guess, 5-4 in favor of the New Haven firefighters.

UPDATE: 6/29/2009

I promise, I did write the above sentance one month ago; The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the city of New Haven was wrong to get rid of a promotion exam because no African Americans scored well.

This will probably give conservatives a little ammo when they begin to fight the Sonya Sotamayor nomination; remember, she favored the city of New Haven in this one when she served on the 2nd circuit court of appeals and she can’t escape it. It’s a matter of public record now.

New Haven officials said that it acted to avoid a lawsuit by minorities, of course they did. And of course the decision in the Supreme Court New Haven case was 5-4.

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