The fine print at the bottom tells me that Right Pundits blog will reach 2 million visits this week! What time? Which day? A coveted Punditeer Award is up for grabs for the best guess.

Joe Citizen began issuing “Conservative Credits” helping to fulfill the important community service mission in the Right Pundits Charter. “Conservative Credits” as a rebuttal to silly “Carbon Credits” has been chuckled over and publicized around the conservative blogs.

Tina from our favorite blog The Hedgehog Report joins us as a writer this week. I am really thrilled about Tina’s presence on the blog. We will see what she does, but based on Tina’s past I suspect that she will really help our national election coverage and economic news. And you can hear plenty more from Tina on Dave’s open threads.

Despite Joe’s conniving ways, he has been promoted to “Blog Editor.” We’re not sure what that means exactly, but the vast right-pundits conspiracy managed to collude behind his back to give him more work. Yay for us. Actually, what “blog editor” recognizes is Joe’s dedication to our blog family and blogging generally over a long period of time dating back to our RightLinx days.

I had the pleasure of rejecting a positively evil advertisement. Imagine the nerve of a well-known liberal organization trying to sneak an advertisement on to a conservative website? It compared Dick Cheney to Darth Vader and it wasn’t even funny!