Comedienne and actress Wanda Sykes brought down the house at the White House Correspondents dinner with a joke about Rush Limbaugh; Sykes said that she hoped Limbaugh’s “kidney’s fail”, in response to the talk show hosts comments that he hopes the Obama administration fails. Read more, see photos and video below.

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This is interesting folks, the left wing in this country is calling for CBS golf analyst David Feherty to be fired over his comments from two days ago where he stated that if given the chance U.S. soldiers would shoot Nancy Pelosi over Osama Bin Laden. But at the same time, it is seemingly okay for Wanda Sykes, to say that she “hopes his kidney’s fail”, when talking about Rush Limbaugh.

At the White House Correspondents dinner last night, Wanda Sykes hammered the issue of torture, Sean Hannity and others, but saved her most shrill and hateful comments for Rush Limbaugh, nationally syndicated conservative talk show host.

As you will see in the video below, Sykes takes Limbaugh’s comment’s about Obama out of context like most of his critics do. Limbaugh had said that he hopes Obama fails, once again let me clarify; Limbaugh hopes Obama’s socialist agenda fails, that Ms. Sykes is what he meant. Limbaugh believes, like most conservatives that if Obama is successful with his agenda that the country will fail; the country will cease to exist as we know it.

Wanda Sykes, who I’m sure knows more about what she’s talking about than Janeane Garafalo, but probably still doesn’t have much of a grasp on reality, proceeded to say that Limbaugh hoped the country would fail. He never said anything of the kind. She also said that he could be the 20th hijacker and made fun of Limbaugh’s once public and now past addiction to pain killers; like everybody in that room is clean and sober.

Wanda Sykes, comedienne or not, should have known better than to stoop to such a level at an event that is supposed to be dignified and classy. Well, when it comes to the Obama administration, dignified and classy are two words that only apply to other liberals. Obama’s response to Sykes kidney failure joke; he yucked it up with the rest of the liberals in the room. Real classy Mr. President, real classy.

Humor is great, and needed in today’s world, but you can go too far with what you “think” is humorous.

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