Additional opposition is coming out to the George W. Bush library being located at Southern Methodist University. A small group of Methodist Bishops, pastors and a couple of members signed a petition to the University outlining their opposition. The petition can be found at a website called “” One of the signers was Andrew Weaver, who posted right here at Right Pundits in response to my original post!

The petition reads:

We the undersigned express our objection to the prospect of the George W. Bush library, museum, and think tank being established at Southern Methodist University. As United Methodists, we believe that the linking of his presidency with a university bearing the Methodist name is utterly inappropriate. We urge the Board of Trustees of Southern Methodist University and the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church to reject this project.

There are other pages on the site which discusses the library and the Bush presidency, and also asks for signatures to the petition.

The library page, which I would have thought would have been the more unbiased section, but here are the categories:

RESOURCES: The Bush Library and Think Tank

W library in record book: $500M center would be priciest for a Prez

Dubya’s Tower of Babel

The George W. Bush Library: Asset or Albatross for SMU?

Methodism, torture and the Presidential Library

Scholarly Archive or Ideological Center?

S.M.U. Faculty Complains About Bush Library Plan

A Discordant Chorus Questions Visions
for a Bush Library at Southern Methodist

The Bush think tank: A giant Trojan horse among the ponies?

It sort of reads like a diatribe more than a supposedly reasoned position against the library.

It seems to me that these fairly well educated folks would be able to just state their position and gain supporters without resorting to such slanted verbiage.

Again, as a Methodist, I disagree. They don’t have a choice on their petition for my views!