“Outrage” is the talk of the Tribeca film festival. The documentary by filmmaker Kirby Dick claims that several politicians who vote “anti-gay” on political issues are actually gay themselves, and have had verifiable trysts with men. The documentary contains interviews with men who claim to have had sex with these “anti-gay” politicians.

Outrage charlie crist 1

Charlie Crist Gay?

Of course, many liberal media outlets are trying to keep the identities of the politicians “outed” by Outrage a secret. Some claim that sexuality (even for politicians) is a personal issue that should not be made public without consent under any circumstances. That is sheer nonsense. In the internet age, a secret can only be kept for about 5 seconds.

Below is a list of politicians that the “Outrage” film claims are gay:

Charlie Christ, Florida governor
Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York
David Dreier, California Congressman
Larry Craig, Idaho Senator
Mark Foley, Florida Congressman

Several politicians who have outed themselves publicly are also included, like James McGreevey, former New Jersey governor, and Congressman Barney Frank.

I have to admit that I am persuaded by Kirby Dick that outing is actually NOT immoral or unprofessional. Journalists investigate heterosexual scandals all the time. We do not question whether revealing John Edwards’ affair to the public is acceptable for journalists. We assume that reporters have the right, nay, the DUTY, to reveal whether John Edwards is cheating on his wife. We know what Bill Clinton did with a cigar, we know what he did with Paula Jones, we know what he did pretty much every second of every night in every bed of his life. So why is it wrong if a journalist questions if Charlie Crist, Ed Koch, or Mark Foley had sex with a man? If any one of them did, frankly, the public has a right to know.

I have no idea whether any of the above are actually gay, but since when is it wrong to investigate the sex life of a public official?

See the trailer for “Outrage” below. I am betting Mr. Dick did not expect to see an ally on Right Pundits: