Today two leading Black ministers were arrested for praying in front of the White House. Reverend Johnny Hunter and the Reverend Stephen Broden held a ‘prayer picket’ outside the White House to publicly oppose the president’s decision not to participate in the National Day of Prayer (NDOP). Read about it below and see photos and a video.

johnny hunter

Leading Black Ministers Arrested
Rev. Johnny Hunter

Both Reverend Johnny Hunter and Reverend Stephen Broden are long-time pro-life advocates. They are also prominent ministers in the African American community. Hunter leads the Life Education and Resource Networks (LEARN) in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Broden is the pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. Since the President refused to participate in the National Day of Prayer, they decided to take the prayer to him.

They held a peaceful ‘prayer picket’ in front of the White House. They held signs saying: ‘Jesus Christ is Our Lord and Savior. BHO is not’. Both men have expressed strong views in their communities, churches and the media that this president hold dangerous views regarding abortion and homosexuality. They have expressed the view that abortion agencies, such as Planned Parenthood, target the African American community and they call it ‘black genocide’.

Rev. Johnny Hunter and Rev. Stephen Broden spent their protest on their knees in prayer for our great nation.

“We believe this republic is under great duress right now and stress, and we believe prayer is the means by which we can change things here in America and in this government,” said Broden, pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas.

“… We prayed that God would either stay the hand of judgment or quicken the hearts of men and women of faith for them to recognize that they need to come to the streets, they need to come to the public square and make it clear that we are not in favor of same-sex marriage, we are not in favor of this scourge … [of abortion], we are not in favor of the kind of trickery and gamesmanships that are being played in the house of Congress and the house of the Senate. We are fed up, and we are tired of what this nation is doing and what are leaders are doing relative to their role and responsibility for protecting our freedoms.”

Two prominent African American pastors held a peaceful protest in front of the White House, praying for our nation. They did this on the National Day of Prayer because Barack Obama would not participate in a service as other presidents before him have done. They were taken away in handcuffs and arrested. They spent the rest of the day in jail.

The two ministers held a press conference, but I haven’t seen anything about it on the news and very little on the internet (and I went looking for news about it). We are treated to non-stop news about protests that are held by any and every fringe group out there. But the message these two men are trying to deliver is not politically correct. In fact, it is out of favor altogether and the left is not tolerant of beliefs that they themselves don’t hold. And so, hardly a blurb has been written or a single frame of video of Hunter and Broden protesting what the President, Congress and the Senate are doing.

What does this say about our society? Are opposing views to be shut down and ignored completely? Is this what we’ve come to?

johnny hunter

Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter – Photos
Leading Black Ministers Arrested

Rev. Stephen Broden – Video
Leading Black Ministers Arrested for Praying in front of the White House