Some of the Republican party’s most notable leaders met today at a pizza restaurant in northern Virginia to kick off the National Council for a New America. The National Council is a new movement begun by the Republican party to help reshape the party’s image in the wake of the 2008 election.

Present at the meeting were House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

As reported by Huffington Post, all three acknowledged that the party has had setbacks in the past few months and that the Republicans needed a strategy to reconnect with the voters.

A few conservative protesters unhappy with the state of the party held signs calling the National Council for a New America a bunch of RINO’s — Republicans in Name Only. Many conservatives believe that the National Council is promoting McCain’s agenda, instead of true conservative principles.

Generally speaking, the National Council has avoided policy statements up to this point, so it is not entirely clear what it stands for. The NCNA seems to be trying to create a set of principles that the party can unite behind. However, as it has not yet presented a set of political views, the NCNA seems to be more of a forum for discussion for now.

Below is the official video unveiling the National Council for a New America:

National Council for a New America