First Lady, Michelle Obama is one of People Magazine’s 2009 “100 most beautiful people.” President Barack Obama has his own category, “Barack’s Beauties,” which includes Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. See photos and a video below.

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Michelle Obama

In fact, it seems America is flush with beauties in the White House. Insiders among People’s “Barack’s Beauties” are Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, Sam Kass White House Chef, Speechwriter Jon Favreau and Personal Aide Reggie Love.

The First Lady and the President have both made fashion news in Washington, D.C. and around the world, so it not suprising to find them among People’s prestigeous lists. President Obama has been “ooooed” and “ahhhhed” over in both tux and bathing suit. Michelle has bared her arms in appearances with Queen Elizabeth, and worn tights and a tunic prepping the ground for a White House vegetable garden. She routinely wears a double-strand of pearls and is often compared to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She is daring enough to wear large floral prints, on her large frame, and women everywhere want her toned arms.

With only one-hundred days in the White House just trumpeted, a book on Mrs. Obama’s fashion style will be released on May 5th: “Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion.” The book offers fashion advice directly from Michelle Obama, such as tone down orange (which the First Lady loves) with navy, gray or turquoise. She likes soft fingernail polish but “pops” the color on her toes.

Michelle reportedly told People Magazine that her father and brother thought she was beautiful and “they made me feel that way every single day.”

Christina Applegate is the cover photo for the 100 Most Beautiful People issue. Ms. Applegate, 37, the star of television’s “Samantha Who?,” was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has had double-mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries.

Others on People’s “100 Most Beautiful” list are the usual: Mr. and Mrs. Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie and Brad), Halle Berry, and, of course, George Clooney. Find more about “Barack’s Beauties,” Michelle Obama, view the entire “100” list and see photos here.

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