Dr. Margaret Chan is the director-general of the World Health Organization. She has recently received a lot of attention from the media because of the outbreak of swine flu. Read more about Dr. Margaret Chan below.

Margaret Chan

Dr. Margaret Chan

Biography of Margaret Chan

Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun was born in 1947 in Hong Kong. As a young adult, Dr. Chan was educated to become a Home Economics teacher at the Northcote College of Education in Hong Kong. Instead of pursuing teaching, however, she went on to receive her M.D. degree at the University of Western Ontario in 1977. She then went on to receive a Masters in Public Health from the National University of Singapore.

After receiving her medical degree, she worked for the Hong Kong Government as a Medical Officer. She served for 25 years within the Hong Kong Government, rising to the head of the Department of Heath in 1994, the first woman to ever reach the office. As the head of the Department of Health, she became widely known throughout the world for managing the Hong Kong Government’s reaction to the 1997 avian influenza outbreak and the 2003 SARS outbreak.

Chan was elected as Director-General of the World Health Organization on November 8, 2006. Her term will run until June 2012.

She has received international media attention in 2009 due to her management of the swine flu crisis.