Here is a frightening inside report on what really goes on inside English mosques. Frightening yes, but not surprising. The same thing is going on inside American mosques.

Inside UK Mosques – Part 1 (8 minutes)

This is part 1 of a 3 part video series which is plenty enough to open your eyes, but you find the other two videos on Youtube below:

Inside UK Mosques – Part 2
Inside UK Mosques – Part 3

And see what Tundra Tabloids has to say …

A UK Channel 4 documentary uses taped video and audio material by an undercover reporter to document what kind of messages are being preached inside a British Mosque.

The Kuffar (infidel/non-Muslim) should be hated, women are “deficient”, kids should be beaten, non-Muslim are not to be trusted because all are liars, an Islamic state is the main goal of all Muslims regardless of the democracy in which they live, the practice of marrying pre-pubescent girls is allowed by the Prophet and should not be discouraged.


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