Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller and her husband, Florida businessman John Falconetti are expecting their first baby in November. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

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John Falconetti, Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller announced that she is expecting a baby with her husband, John Falconetti. The baby is due on November 5th, 2009. Miller has won seven Olympic medals, making her the most decorated gymnast in the United States.

“I already feel that incredible ‘mama bear’ protectiveness toward our baby,” she says. “Each day I wake up wondering what our baby looks like today, how much he or she has grown, and anticipating the fun and surprises that lie ahead.”

Miller won medals in the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games. She has stayed active in gymnastics, working as an MSNBC analyst during the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She teaches balance beam clinics, is a motivational speaker and has a foundation that is focused on fighting childhood obesity. She has recently focused her energies on raising awareness of cervical cancer following her mother’s diagnosis last year.

Miller is 32-years-old. Her husband is Florida businessman and chairman of the Duval County, Florida Republican executive committee. John Falconetti is 41-years-old. The couple have been married since August 25, 2007.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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John Falconetti, Shannon Miller – Photos

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Shannon Miller – Photos

Shannon Miller 1988 – Video