Here are the symptoms of ‘swine flu’ just in case you are getting nervous. The Mexican swine flu has all the elements of a global pandemic although the odds of such an historic catastrophe remain small. Cases of swine influenza have already been reported in dozens of countries with thousands sick and over 200 dead in Mexico in just the first week.

swine flu symptoms

Swine Flu Symptoms

Symptoms of Mexican swine flu might include some of the following factors:
–sore throat
–lack of appetite
–body aches and pains, particularly in the joints.
–Weakness, fatigue, low levels of energy.

See a doctor if you suspect that you have swine influenza as exhibited by any pig flu symptoms.

U.S. President Barack Obama was exposed to swine flu on his trip to Mexico last week. Obama was greeted by archeologist Felipe Solis at a museum in Mexico City where they warmly embraced. Felipe Solis was dead the next day from what was described then as swine flu symptoms, although local health officials changed the diagnosis to non-descriptive “pneumonia” for apparent diplomatic reasons.

Reports are that Obama knew about the outbreak three days before his visit but decided to go anyway. His imprudence may have been pushed by criticism for having never visited Mexico during his short lifetime before the presidency.

Obama may never feel the symptoms of the bug but because of his exposure he may have been a contagious carrier of the deadly disease back into the United States. There is a chance he infected others. Do not expect the White House to confirm such an interesting scenario even if true.

And luckily for the nation, do not expect the president to get sick. The vast majority of people exposed to any flu strain including the swine flu do not exhibit symptoms of illness. However do not expect Barack Obama to visit Mexico again soon!

The fact that our president can be so easily exposed (and expose others) means we should all be aware and take reasonable precautions. Wash your hands with soap. A mask is not a bad idea, particularly when visiting the sick or you are confined in close proximity with other people like in an airplane. But do not get carried away yet. Flu viruses of all kinds kill over 20,000 per year in a normal year.

Swine flu symptoms are similar to the symptoms of other flu strains but the effects are often more pronounced. They will ravage elderly patients and the young harder than others, and those with weakened immune systems will be most vulnerable.

The disease is airborne so it is normally transmitted by coughing or sneezing, or through ventilation systems inside buildings. See much more information here.

There is no swine flu vaccine yet. You are not protected if you got a flu shot this year. Flu shots only protect against a few strains of the flu which are expected to be most dangerous in a given year. The pig flu was not predicted by disease experts so they have not even developed serum for it.

The odds of a global pandemic from swine flu are small. Clearly there is panic particularly in Mexico today. Many cases have already been reported in the United States in the last week, although cases of influenza are always reported. Still, if you have swine flu symptoms go see a doctor right away.

And avoid the White House for the time being. A video explaining the symptoms of swine flu is below.

Swine Flu Symptoms (Video)