Meet Pat Toomey. He is the former president of the Club for Growth and is currently running for the Senate in Pennsylvania, hopefully replacing the defecting Republican Arlen Specter. Read Pat Toomey’s biography below, see photos and a great video.

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Pat Toomey

As president of Club for Growth, a conservative Political Action Committee that focuses on fiscal issues, Pat Toomey made his decision to challenge Arlen Specter in the Senate Republican Primary after Senator Specter supported Obama’s multi-billion porkulus stimulus bill. He felt that decision and that vote was the last straw. He resigned the PAC just a few weeks ago and announced his official candidacy.

Early Polling has been steady in favor of Pat Toomey easily unseating Specter, prompting the Senator to change parties from Republican to Democrat in an attempt to save his own political career — if not his own integrity.

Pat Toomey’s would be opponent, Arlen Specter is the epitome of everything voters have come to dislike about politicians — the desperate grasping for power and the complete rejection of the principles they claims to stand for. Clearly Arlen Specter loved his job far more then his principles and values that sent him to Washington in the first place.

Personally, I think it’s great that Specter made this choice. He is far better suited for the liberal democrats, especially since Pat Toomey was very close to making the decision for him.

If you would like to support Pat Toomey’s Senate race, please visit his website.

Pat Toomey Biography

Patrick Joseph ‘Pat’ Toomey, Sr. was born on November 17, 1961 in Providence, Rhode Island. Pat was raised by working-class Roman Catholic parents and was one of six children. Through scholarships, he was able to attend the prestigious, Catholic, at the time all-male La Salle Academy and later, Harvard University.

His early career involved working for several banks dealing in multiple foreign currencies, interest rates, and currency-related derivatives. He was also a small business owner of a restaurant in Allentown, Pennsylvania with his brothers.

In 1998, Pat ran for congress to represent the 15th District seat. He successfully flipped the seat from the Democratic and won by an unexpectedly wide ten-point margin. It is thought by strategists that he may have been helped by Governor Tom Ridge’s landslide reelection victory. He was reelected two more times by relatively comfortable margins. While the 15th has historically been a Democratic district, it has a fairly strong tinge of social conservatism.

Pat Toomey did not run for reelection to his House seat in 2004, fulfilling a pledge that he had signed in 1998 to only serve three terms. From 2005 to 2009, Pat Toomey served as president of the Club for Growth, a conservative political action committee that focuses on fiscal issues.

Pat Toomey resigned from his position as president of the Club for Growth to announce he will run for the Republican nomination in the Republican senatorial primary. Pat and his wife Kris have two children, Bridget and Patrick Jr. They live in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

More photos and a video from Pat Toomey: Pennsylvania Senate Candidate are below.

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Pat Toomey Video
Pat Toomey’s take on “The story of the little red hen”