A small single-engine airplane briefly entered restricted airspace in Washington DC on the morning of April 24th. See the video below. The resulting pandemonium among our nation’s elected leaders was both comical and astonishing.

Washington airplane

In mid-session the United States Capitol building began plans for evacuation under orders from Senate Democrat leaders. Some members fled hurriedly with their papers and briefcases in a flutter. Most stayed.

At the White House, the new president Barack Obama has never run so fast. He hurried to a secret location which remains undisclosed by his handlers and the Secret Service, but which is commonly understood to be the not-so-secret bunker underneath the White House. The White House confirmed the embarrassing episode by saying that Obama was “briefly relocated” out of an “abundance of caution.”

All this for a sputtering single-engine airplane moving about 40-miles per hour with an old pilot and his wife aboard for the ride. It was smaller than a typical crop dusting aircraft over the farms. The GPS broke during their airplane’s route, which caused them to graze the outskirts of the no-fly zone in Washington. Then all hell broke loose among the political class.

The pilot and wife were on the way to visit their daughter unaware of those cowering ahead in Washington. The military was ordered to force the plane down, which landed at Indian Head Airport near Andrews Air Force Base. Two F-16 fighter jets and two Coast Guard helicopters over-matched this invading army-of-one which quickly surrendered.

The image of a sputtering duffer’s aircraft and a cowering president is unfortunate, and more so when we consider Obama left his young daughters in school. This is a time when the world needs Obama’s leadership more than anything. Perhaps that archaic sense of machismo should not matter among our friends and foes, but in reality bravado still earns respect in most cultures.

Unfortunately those abroad will have a good laugh at our president’s expense and they may note our emerging culture of overly-cautious fear which engulfs much of our society today. Our American spirit of adventure and discovery is perhaps long gone, so today’s events in Washington serve as a reminder of that more masculine past.

Here is a video report of the airplane event.

Airplane Causes Obama Relocation (Video)