Well fellow infidels, we’ve been spinning our wheels in Iraq for four years in what has turned out to be a political circle jerk of epic proportions, and now, thanks to our governments inability or unwillingness (depending on who you are talking to) to flex its military muscles and crush the rag tag groups of terrorists and militia men in Iraq, the hostile regimes in the region and their enablers have simply lost their respect for America’s military might.

While our military is tied up trying to figure out how to nudge a nation of animals into the 21st century, the Russians are delivering new mobile anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran and are “considering further requests�? by Mahmoud Ahmadinead’s administration for so called “defensive weapons.�? That’s according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. Just so you know, in Russian “considering further requests�? means we’ll sell them all they can afford.

Ivanov told reporters, “We have supplied the modern short-range anti-aircraft systems TOR-M1 in accordance with our contracts,�? and added. “Iran is not under sanctions and if it wants to buy defensive … equipment for its armed forces then why not?” While comrade Ivanov is pondering the “why nots�? of the situation, let me lay down the “why�? for you. The Russians have made their deal with the Iranian devils to the tune of about $1 billion. That’s “why�?!!!

If you remember, just last year Russia decided to play the U.N. sanctions game against Iran, which placed restrictions on Iran’s trafficking in nuclear materials and technology, but in true U.N. fashion, these sanctions do not apply to these particular missiles, nor any other non-nuclear munitions or weapons systems. The Rusky masterminds behind this sale are saying that the missile systems will protect Iran from air attacks (and Israeli planes targeting Iranian nuclear facilities), but do not pose a threat to neighboring countries.

One more thing for us to consider in all of this mess is the fact that if Mahmoud Ahmadinead has access to these Russian weapons so does Fidel Castro (or whoever is in charge now) and Citgo Chavez, both of which are too close to the U.S. for comfort. For all intents and purposes Cuba is now an Iranian military supply station, and Venezuela is it’s southern flank in their war against the United States.

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