Shylea Myza Thomas was a nine-year-old girl who lived in Flint, Michigan. She was a quadriplegic who needed a feeding tube and constant care to live. Today, Michigan authorities found her dead in a public storage facility in Vienna Township, Michigan.

Lorrie Thomas, the girl’s adoptive mother and biological aunt, has been charged with second-degree murder and child abuse.

Shylea Myza thomas

Shylea Myza Thomas

Shylea Myza Thomas was reported missing by her relatives after they had not seen her for over six weeks. Her adoptive mother, who is also her aunt, is currently being held by Flint police and has been charged with murder and child abuse. It appears that Shylea Thomas was killed intentionally, and abandoned in the storage facility in an attempt to hide her body.

Shylea Thomas’ body was found inside a plastic trash bag in the public storage facility in Vienna Township. The bag had been filled with moth balls in an apparent attempt to mask the odor of her decaying body.

CNN is reporting that Shylea Thomas’ adoptive mother is being charged with second-degree murder and, child abuse.

There are so many shocking cases of neglect and abuse lately that the ancient and revered art of parenting seems to be on the decline, as we discussed here. Once again, the most vulnerable of our society suffered because a parent did not want to be a true parent.