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Do Fat People Cause Global Warming?

As if Al Gore weren’t rich enough! Now he’s figured out yet another way to get ‘carbon footprint offsets’. A new study coming out of the United Kingdom (from researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) has determined that fat people cause global warming! Yowser! Get on the treadmill! I can see a new fat tax coming down the road. Do you think the Obama Administration will charge by the pound?

Perhaps solutions to the fat global warming problem will be to ration food or just go straight into extermination of fatties.

Glenn Beck thinks that Sumo wrestlers are very nervous about now.

In other news ….

My Pet Jawa is taking note that waterboarding saved Los Angeles. Is that a good thing?

Dr. Sanity says that the left is united in hate with America’s foes.

The Tygrrrr Express dares to imply that the Radical gays are aggressors, not victims. Actually, he comes right out and says it. Will Perez Hilton have a go at Eric tomorrow?

The Hedgehog Report is taking on Obama over the DC school voucher program. Apparently he has sided with politics rather than principle on this issue. Well, on a lot of issues. Does this surprise anyone? Surely not.

Ever hear of the tiny nation of Eritrea? I knooowwww! But Obama is threatening them with American military action. That’s what our good friend William Teach at the Pirate’s Cove is telling us. Can he do that without approval from the U.N.? Doesn’t he need to get a consensus of world nations before sending American troops into a little itsy-bitsy nation? Is that the right nation to attack? How does he know? Is he sure? What if he kills civilians and he went to the wrong place and attacked the wrong nation!! My, its hard being in charge, isn’t it democrats?

Newsbusters is wondering if Meghan McCain is the future of the GOP. Huh? Sorry, I lost my train of thought there for a minute.

Michelle Malkin is reporting that our Homeland Security expert Janet Napolitno, you know, the one that’s supposed to be on alert to make sure our borders are safe. She says that illegally crossing the border isn’t illegal! Who knew! I wonder why I need a passport to go to Mexico now? I used to didn’t. Why do I need a passport to go to Europe now? I mean, if crossing borders isn’t illegal and we are all one big happy world and all. I think I’ll pop over to Spain for a visit and stay a year or 20 and see how that goes over. Hola Janet. By the way, has anyone else noticed the eerie resemblance between Janet Reno and Janet Napolitano? I’m not saying anything about it … just making an observation.

Speaking of being fat and causing global warming to get worse. What do you think of that? I mean, fat people sweat more and that could impact the environment I guess. They eat more, which makes farmers have to farm more. They might use their big SUVs more rather than walking or riding their bikes somewhere. They take up more space. All in all. I think by all means, all fat people should send money to Al Gore to relieve their guilt over being fat. That will solve the problem, obviously.

Not to mention, there are some seriously disturbing photos being made of them.

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Do Fat People Cause Global Warming? – Photos

Do Fat People Cause Global Warming? – Video