Daniel Andreas San Diego, a 31-year-old animal rights activist from Berkeley, California, has become the first animal rights activist to be placed on the FBI’s list of “Most Wanted” terrorists.

Daniel Andreas San Diego

Daniel Andreas San Diego 2

Daniel Andreas San Diego

If you see the above pictured man, please alert authorities as he is a dangerous fugitive.

Daniel Andreas San Diego is the first animal rights terrorist to appear on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” terror suspect list. Every other man on the list is an Islamic terrorist, including Osama Bin Laden, and several suspected members of Al-Qaeda. The “Most Wanted” terror suspect list is distinct from the more famous FBI 25 Most Wanted list.

The FBI suspects that San Diego has fled to another country recently. The FBI describes San Diego as a strict vegan who has tattoo images of burning and collapsing buildings on his body.

Daniel Andreas San Diego has been wanted by authorities ever since the 2003 bombings of Chiron Corp. and Shaklee Corp. in northern California. The explosions caused property damage, but no injuries.

San Diego, as part of an animal rights group that called itself the “Revolutionary Cells,” is suspected of masterminding those bombings. The animal rights group accused the companies of dangerous and harmful testing on animals.

The FBI believes that animal rights extremists have been responsible for numerous acts of vandalism and violence recently, and should be taken seriously as a domestic terror threat. In Santa Cruz, as reported here, animal rights terrorists last year attempted to kill professors who conducted research on animals. One of the targeted professors conducted tests on fruit flies. Yes, fruit flies! These nuts think a human life is less valuable than a fly’s.

What can you say about vegans who are willing to risk the lives of people in order to protect animal rights? Are they any better than those suicide bombers who decide that their cause is more important than the lives of those they kill?

How did the cause for animal rights (which is about reducing violence in this world) become so inhumane?