California Democrat Jane Harmon, is reportedly caught on an NSA wiretap, telling a suspected Israeli agent that she would lobby the Justice Department to reduce espionage related charges against two officials of AIPAC. Read more, see photos and video.

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A Congressional Quarterly report says that Jane Harmon states on tape that she would “waddle into” the AIPAC case, “if you think it will help.” This is according to two former NSA officials familiar with the wiretaps. What would the agents give in return for Harmon’s help? They agreed to lobby non-other than Speaker Nancy Pelosi to appoint Jane Harmon Chair of the intelligence committee when the democrats gained power back in 2006.

Jane Harmon has declined to discuss the allegations made by the NSA officials saying:

“These claims are an outrageous and recycled canard, and have no basis in fact,” Harman said in a prepared statement. “I never engaged in any such activity. Those who are peddling these false accusations should be ashamed of themselves.”

It’s true that allegations of pro-Israel lobbyists trying to help Harman get the chairmanship of the intelligence panel by lobbying and raising money for Pelosi aren’t new.
They were widely reported in 2006, along with allegations that the FBI launched an investigation of Harman that was eventually dropped for a “lack of evidence.”

An NSA source says that the claim that there is no evidence in this case is “bull****. The reason the investigation against Jane Harmon was dropped was by order of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales intervened to stop the probe into Harmon, reportedly because the Bush administration wanted Harmon’s help with the warrantless wiretapping program.

Then CIA director Porter Goss reviewed the Harmon transcript, and signed off on the FISA application submitted by the Justice Department. Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and minority leader Nancy Pelosi were both to be notified of the investigation of Jane Harmon; that’s when Gonzales intervened in the process.

Former officials Gonzales, Goss and others have refused to comment on the allegations against Jane Harmon. A former NSA official says in the CQ story:

“It’s the deepest kind of corruption,” said a recently retired longtime national security official who was closely involved in AIPAC investigation, “which was years in the making.

“It’s a story about the corruption of government — not legal corruption necessarily, but ethical corruption.”

There should be more of the Jane Harmon Wiretap Scandal in days to come. Jane Harmon is currently the chair of a House Homeland Security subcommittee.

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