Actor Bob Basso has released a new video, again portraying Thomas Paine. In his incredibly popular “We the People” series, American patriot Thomas Paine implores us to take America back to the Constitutional principles the Founding Fathers put in place. See photos and videos below.

Thomas Paine 66

Thomas Paine

This new Basso video gives Americans “bravos” for the tea parties occurring around the country. Saying that we may never have this chance again, we are encouraged to follow with a massive response in the form of a one-million man march on Washington D.C.

If you are not aware of Basso’s Thomas Paine videos, you’ll find all three below. His first created a firestorm. His second, We the People Stimulus Package, did the same. His commentary on the stimulus boondoggle whipped the flames to a roar as he asked: “are Americans sucking at the hind tit of a dead cow,” and told us that “we are the only stimulus package that works.”

Now the third is released, and it came on the heels of much speculation. On March 26th, 2009 WorldNetDaily reported that Bob Basso had been “summoned” to the White House to “discuss the disturbing nature” of his latest video, which would have been No. 2 – The Stimulus Package. He ends video No. 2 with “if you decide to do nothing, buy a gun.”

The report said that Basso was scheduled to appear on the Jerry Doyle radio show, but he had notified Doyle that President Obama had personally invited him to the White House to discuss the video. Basso apparently didn’t appear on Doyle’s program, and we don’t know if he met with President Obama. It’s just a big mystery at this point.

Video No. 3 “On to Washington” suggests that Americans “get down from your Lazy Boy recliner, get down off your tractors and big rigs. Tell your boss you are taking a day off for America,” and he advises Congress to ignore the people at their peril.

Thomas Paine was the pamphleteer who penned Common Sense in 1776, a document that riveted political thought. If you need a kick-start to move from cowering, frustrated citizen to proud American activist, Bob Basso’s Thomas Paine videos are the place to start. It’s “On to Washington.” The videos below begin with the latest new release first, then No. 2, the Stimulus, and the third video is Basso’s original.

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Thomas Paine (Photo)

Thomas Paine, On to Washington (Video)

Bob Basso, Thomas Paine (Video)

Thomas Paine (Video)