Ahh, the dreaded day has come, Ashton Kutcher, in a neck to neck battle, is the first person or group to get 1 million followers on Twitter. You can read about all about the battle here. The bigger question is, who cares? I like Twitter, although I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm for it lately. Its a good platform to throw quick shout-outs, although I could care less about much of the minutia people tweet about. However, this story just confirms something about Twitter that I have felt for a long time, all people really care about is the number of followers they have . . . tweet envy or something.

Lets just say I’m not surprised that a washed-up has been actor like Ashton Kutcher is so stoked about being the #1 Twitterer. This just helps confirm his ego and validate his continued existence in this twisted universe where someone like Ashton Kutcher even matters. I confess, even the lowest amongst us (specifically myself) also suffer from Twitter envy. Somehow, my wife has also managed to get more followers then I have (btw @bmcaffee hint hint) which has turned me into a bitter old man considering I’m the one who introduced her to Twitter and attempts to answer all the questions she constantly has.

With all that said, I think Kutcher is right about one thing. In the above story he is quoted as saying: “”Why R they pushing so hard if this doesn’t mean anything? It’s a changing of the guard. the old way the new way.” I’ll give Kutcher credit for recognizing this fact when there are many out there who do not. Like it or not, these kinds of services are the future of news. In fact, I use Twitter a lot to get news updates from people who are on the scene and can essentially give real time updates. Soon the New York Times and their brethren will go the way of the Seattle Post Intelligencer because the newspaper industry is no longer sustainable. The San Francisco Chronicle is loosing $1 million dollars a week, and that is in the center of the most liberal town in America.

So kudos to Kutcher, for whatever its worth. Oh yeah, your wife’s still hot.