Sunday School teacher Melissa Huckaby has been arrested and stands accused as a female pedophile, charged with the rape and murder of Sandra Cantu. There has been a rise in reporting the deaths of children at the hands of their parents’ new boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse. This article is about the disappearing honor of mothering. Read about it below and see a video report of Cantu’s funeral that was held earlier today in Tracy, California.


Is the Honor of Mothering Disappearing?

Erica Michelle Green, (Precious Doe); Nixzmary Brown; Hannah Mack; Oscar Jimenez Jr.; Quashon Brown; Summer Phelps; Jordon Gonsioroski; these are but a small handful of children that have earned their precious angel wings the hard way. We have written about many of these children … violent crime victims … on this site. You can do a quick search on their names to get the back story on each baby.

Other than being in Heaven, what else do these children have in common? Hmmm … let’s see. They were all born alive, to ‘mothers’, but that’s not uncommon. Their mothers all had live-in boyfriends or girlfriends, or a brand spanking new husband or wife. That’s not it, either.

They were all viciously murdered and/or sexually abused and raped, by the ‘parents’ boyfriend or girlfriend, or new spouse. While still somewhat uncommon, it is a rapidly rising crime against our nations children.

A few days ago the nation was made aware of female pedophiles. In particular Melissa Huckaby, who allegedly raped and murdered 8-year-old Sandra Cantu. Where has everyone been? Female predators have always been around. They just seem to be more adept at hiding their perversions. It appears a lot of women have become a sorry bunch since becoming *equal*. Huckaby is *mother* to a five year old.

A memorial was held for little Sandra Chantu today in a private funeral in her home town of Tracy, California. Melissa Huckaby is an unusual case in that she is accused of being a female pedophile and little Sandra’s murderer. That’s a crime generally associated with men. Women who kill children generally do it to be with a man or to rid themselves of the burden of a children. If they participate or enable the rape of a child, it is usually to please the man they are with. This sets Huckaby apart from most known pedophiles. This will also not likely bode well for her in her trial. She won’t garner the sympathy of the jury.

Sadly, women participating or committing horrific crimes against the most innocent in our society is not an isolated thing anymore. Even if the woman isn’t the perpetrator, she is often complicit in that she doesn’t protect the child from the man who is the abuser. Mother’s are supposed to protect their children. These women choose the man over their own children. Sexual crimes against children happen everyday, somewhere. And often many times a day. I strongly believe that pedophiles should be renamed terrorists.

Pedophiles almost inevitably claim to have nothing but love for the child they are abusing. They generally claim to have love for any child. Of course, what they refer to as ‘love’ is a sickness that has lifelong consequences for their victims and all too often result in the maiming and death of the child. This is not ‘love’. It makes me angry and I want to say look, jack asses … these children are not your property. They are not yours to look at, love, exploit, rape, kill …. got it? If you had anything remotely resembling a heart that could love, you would back off … leave the children alone, in peace, so we, as parents and our children, can enjoy everyday accomplishments. We shouldn’t be forced into looking over our shoulder, watching out for you every second. Pedophiles force parents to be consumed with protecting our children to the point of total panic if they wander out of sight for 5 seconds. Our children need us to be focused on them, not the likes of you, and what, when or where you will do whatever it is you do next.

At this point, I am not going to concern myself with the fact that my damnation of so many of today’s ‘moms’ is politically incorrect. I’m not concerned about their feelings. I am no longer willing to listen to one flimsy excuse, or whiny sob story after another. How did we end up so morally bankrupt that children being raped and murdered EVERY DAY, has become ‘normal’? So normal in fact, that only the most gruesome are reported on in the news? What is it that makes one single young parent successful, yet another allows her child to be abused? Is it that so few children have been raised in homes with morals, a religious foundation, rules to follow and consequences paid when not?

Why is it that the most popular bandwagon to jump on these days is the one that pities the predator rather than the victim? They are excused for their crimes because they never had self esteem, they were bullied in school, blah, blah, blah … one excuse after the other. Predators come in all shapes, ages, sizes, colors and genders. The crime is no respecter of financial or educational status. Yet, in the last few days, we have been riveted and horrified by the prospect that someone like Melissa Huckaby, a 26-year-old Sunday School teacher, could have committed such acts upon an innocent child.

Again, why?

It has nothing to do with who she is, what she does, how old she is or the fact that she’s a female. The common thread with these child predators is completely unrelated to any of those things.

It appears to me that the ‘nurturing’ gene in some people seems to have all but disappeared. Admittedly, my anger is directed more at ‘moms’ as I type. Motherhood has long been held sacred by most of the world, but it does not seem to carry that honor any more. Our role models have become Angelina Jolie, Rosie O’Donnell, Britney Spears, and the like. Anyone can acquire the title of ‘mother’ these days. However, a title does not a mother make.

Why is it that so many of today’s ‘mothers’ cannot seem to survive without a man in her life? Why do these women go from one abusive man to another, all the while subjecting their children to sadistic predators and not providing the protection that is in a mother’s nature to provide? There is a definite pattern here. If a mother doesn’t care enough for her child to hang up her own dancing shoes for awhile, why does that mother expect the current bedmate to care for the child? Why does ‘mom’ even need a bedmate if they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves or their kids? When, where, why and how did women become so selfishly self absorbed? Motherhood is rapidly becoming the most disrespected title since ‘attorney’.

Why do we want to attack child protection services for a parents failure to parent? Why are we uncomfortable putting the blame where it belongs … on the criminal?

Somehow, we have managed to create a monster with Child Protective Services (CPS), and the welfare system that cannot or will not make an effort to redeem itself. At this point, things are so broken I feel they are beyond ‘fixing’. How do we force agencies like CPS, friends, neighbors, family and teachers to do what is basic instinct in the lowest of animals … that of protecting and feeding one’s young?

We tend to zero in on places such as New York, California and Florida as though they had so much more of this criminal activity. The truth is, regardless of age, race, creed or income, this happens every day in every city.

This is a societal problem that won’t be fixed until we as a society are willing to face the sources of the problem and deal with them without making excuses for them. It is time to place the blame where it belongs … on the parents of these innocent children. It is an honor to be a mother. As a society, we need to take a long hard look at the breakdown of morality that is leading to these horrific crimes and not let the honor of mothering disappear.

If you cannot afford to provide properly for a child you already have, then you need to get on some form of birth control. Abstaining works quite well. Being poor is not excuse for having a filthy home or poorly cared for children. It’s not just the poor, downtrodden mom with 18 kids on welfare. I’ve seen penthouses that were nothing short of squalor. Being poor doesn’t mean you have to be filthy. What happened to personal pride?

I don’t want to hear about 10 people living in 1-2 rooms, either. I’ve also seen that, and with unity and a sense of family, those rooms were almost immaculate. We live in an age of generational welfare. It needs to stop. It means seeking out those folks that choose to live this way and giving them some hard choices. I am not jumping on the ‘we need zero welfare’ bandwagon. It truly is needed, especially now with jobs being cut, the prices of everything rising. I’m just saying the days of having 5 kids by 17 dads needs to be over. Now. Though yesterday would have been better. This is just my reaction to yet another tragedy that DID NOT have to happen.

Some young parents are fortunate in having loving and supportive family members, but so many do not. I don’t have an answer for this tragic turn in morals and parenting. Maybe as individuals, we all need to do something. Offer guidance. Refer a young parent to available resources. Explain to a parent how to organize, clean house, cook something besides a hot dog. Be there for a child. Report suspicions. Know your neighbor. You might just save a life.

Sandra Cantu Funeral – Video