Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo was invited to speak at the University of North Carolina on the subject of illegal immigration. An unruly group of students protested the event shutting down the first amendment rights of the congressman. Read more, see photos and video.


Tom Tancredo

Congressman Tom Tancredo had his right to free speech essentially shut down by vulgar and unruly students at UNC when he tried to give a lecture on illegal immigration. Tancredo had been invited to speak to a group in a classroom about illegal immigration; more specifically allowing illegal aliens to attend public universities.

A protest was taking place outside the room, as well as inside the classroom where Tom Tancredo was trying to speak on the subject that he has come to be known for. The students at UNC chanted, “No hate speech”, as well as other obscenities at the congressman. The video below is truly a shocking display of someone’s rights being totally shut down. Sad to see how the liberals in this country truly view the first amendment; it’s only good for those they agree with.

As Tom Tancredo is trying to explain why he is there to begin with, students holding a banner, rudely put the banner up in front of Tancredo, then around the three minute mark in the video someone breaks a window in the classroom; at that point Tancredo decides to leave the premises.

This protest is truly an embarrassment for the University of North Carolina and liberals in general; I’m sure that the media will spin it in a different direction; funny how they are trying to spin the tea party protests today to make everyone involved look unruly and rude; but in actuality, the rudeness and unruly protests today belong to those on the left.

The video speaks for itself, it is over 8 minutes long, but the truth of the matter is it is well worth watching. The students had a right to protest Tom Tancredo at their university, they didn’t however have the right to become violent and shut down Tom Tancredo’s right to free speech. Word of warning, if you plan to give a lecture about illegal immigration, don’t do it at the University of North Carolina.

Tancredo UNC Video