Bye bye, Mike Nifong. We called for Mike Nifong’s disbarment and removal from office long ago. Nifong’s unethical behavior in the Duke lacrosse team rape case is infuriating. He intentionally put some fine boys and families through a sham case, a rape case he knew was bogus, just so he could win an election. Go to hell, Mike Nifong.

There is a little lesson in life I teach the kids. What comes around goes around. Do unto others as they will do unto you. And Mike Nifong is learning that corrupt behavior in a powerful position of public trust may go punished after all. Justice is going to prevail against Mike Nifong as his house of corruption collapses around him.

Here is the latest:

Forced by allegations of misconduct to recuse himself, the prosecutor who drove the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case could end up losing much more than the opportunity to try a case he still believes in.

For Mike Nifong, the missteps of the past 10 months have the potential to end a career that started nearly three decades ago, when he signed up at the Durham County district attorney’s office as an unpaid assistant.

“You don’t easily recover from something like this,” said James Coleman, a Duke University law professor and frequent Nifong critic. “That’s what’s so unfortunate about this. He had a career — a long career, a reputation of being an honest and fair prosecutor — and for some reason, his conduct in this case was inconsistent with that.”

Nifong asked the state attorney general’s office Friday to take over the case of three lacrosse players accused of sexually assaulting a stripper hired to perform at a team party.

He must now defend himself against ethics charges that could lead to his being stripped of his law license. Should Attorney General Roy Cooper dismiss the case against Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann — and legal experts have said there appears to be little evidence to support the charges — their families might try to sue Nifong.

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