Anthony Powell, 28, killed 20-year-old Asia McGowan and himself in the Dearborn, Michigan campus of Henry Ford Community College on Friday, April 10. The murder received some attention from the news media as a tragic obsession gone wrong. Now, Youtube videos made by Anthony Powell are making their way around the internet. The videos show a portrait of a young man that is truly mentally disturbed and needed help, but no one saw the magnitude of what was about to happen.

asia mcgowan Anthony powell

Anthony Powell, Asia McGowan

Anthony Powell was known as Tony48219 on his YouTube account. Though reportedly shy in real life, while on the internet, he ranted vociferously about atheists, women, violence and suicide. He spoke about how atheists were mentally retarded and that women needed to be subservient to their men.

He also spoke about being depressed and wanting to kill himself with a shotgun.

His rants became so hateful that they generated a large negative response from Youtube users. Eventually, he became so offensive that his account was suspended last year.

After being suspended, he re-emerged a few months later, only to be banned again.

His victim Asia McGowan was just starting out her life, and dreamed of being a dancer or actress.

On Friday, Anthony Powell walked into the campus of Henry Ford Community College and shot her with a shotgun, and then took his own life. There is currently no evidence that McGowan was anything more than a passing acquaintance to Powell.

In one Youtube video, Powell reportedly said, “There’s no point to me living anymore. I’m really thinking of killing myself, and I’m pretty much gonna do it, and I’m so scared.”

Unfortunately, he decided to take someone else’s life too.

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