The Washington Times site has crashed, or so it appears, due to their own headline warning. As the news broke that Homeland Security has pegged “rightwing extremism” as a threat to the Obama administration, a variety of error messages have greeted us for several hours, including logging-on to the homepage. A quote from Nancy Pelosi about registering guns and the Washington Times’ editorial assessment of her statement, probably added to the traffic.

A second headline may be contributing to the problem, although I have brought the page up about two times out of three. An April 13th editorial said: ‘We want them registered,’ “Democrats are going after guns.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, announced last week that she wants to register guns. Her next move will be to try to confiscate them

Speaking on ABC’s Good Morning America, Pelosi said:

We don’t want to take their guns away. We want them registered

This Washington Times article explores how registering guns will diminish crime, and concludes that it will not. The question is then asked, “why the government wants to register the people’s firearms? History provides the answer:”

In countries from Australia to England, registration has been used to create lists of guns that later were confiscated by their governments. Despite Mrs. Pelosi’s assurances to the contrary, Americans’ fear that registration will lead to confiscation is well-founded. Indeed, Mrs. Pelosi’s own state of California already has used existing registration lists to confiscate so-called assault weapons just a half-dozen years ago.

Maybe I’m wrong and these astonishing news headlines didn’t bring down the site, but I prefer to believe I’m right, and who knows, I may be.

If “the people” did crash the site because of their interest in Homeland Security accusations and the Democrat desire to take our guns, then this is exactly the way important news should be met by “the people.”

America is not yet ambivalent about the Second Amendment. We are not ambivalent about terrorism being termed “man-made disasters,” while Homeland Security accuses conservatives of white supremacy and domestic terrorism. We are not yet ambivalent about the likelihood of our veterans turning to domestic terrorism.

The Washington Times has opined that Democrats want our guns, they have revealed a report that Homeland Security didn’t want in the public domain, although it is unclassified. Our government believes rightwing extremism is guilty of protecting our right to keep and bear arms, guilty of insisting on rule-of-law immigration, and if you can believe it, we are guilty of not accepting the first African American President. Congratulations to the Washington Times! You can read directly from the Homeland Security report here.