Texas Governor Rick Perry has joined state legislators in support of a non-binding resolution asserting the 10th amendment rights of the state of Texas. Governor Perry says he believes that the federal government has become “oppressive”. Read more, see photos and video below.


Governor Perry

Many state governments and individual citizens have believed for quite a while now, that the federal government has been intruding in matters that don’t really concern them. The state of Texas has now introduced a resolution that asserts the 10th amendment rights of states. Governor Rick Perry has now gone public with his support of the measure. The 10th amendment states:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The federal government is in the middle of a massive power grab, and the one thing the founders feared the most is coming to pass; the destruction of the sovereignty of individual states. When President Obama signed the $850 billion dollar “stimulus” bill, he also “required” the separate states to accept a certain percentage of the money. Governor Rick Perry, along with several other Republican Governors, have been strong opponents of the stimulus package and have fought the acceptance of the funds.

There is a host of instances where the federal government has overstepped its authority concerning states rights. The entire abortion debate should be left up to the individual states; liberals have no problem when a single state passes legislation to allow gay marriage, why not allow all states to pass their own abortion laws as well? It is true that states have the right to impose certain restrictions on abortion, but I’m talking about making it legal or illegal totally within the individual state legislatures. A state could do that, but they would be hauled into court so fast, and the eventual result would be federal law trumping state law.

The concept of state sovereignty has been essentially lost in today’s America. How many children, teenagers or adults for that matter, know that the founders envisioned a country made up of individual states, not a massive government authority dictating to all the states and therefore all the people.

It’s nice to see Governor Rick Perry of Texas taking a stand on behalf of his state and his states citizens. Even if it is a non-binding resolution, perhaps it will lead to a host of other states doing the same. The Obama administration needs to get the message; state sovereignty and the 10th amendment are still alive in America.

State Sovereignty Video