David Buckner was a guest on the Glenn Beck show today. He passed out during the show. Here are the videos of the incident and some articles that we think you will find interesting reads.

david buckner

David Buckner Passes out on Glenn Beck Show

David Buckner is a professor of organizational leadership at Columbia University. He has been a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck Show. He was there today and passed out while the two were talking about American economic difficulties.

Here’s some other top stories today ….

Nice Deb notices that it’s painful to watch Obama without his teleprompter! Warning … the video is painful to watch!

Ace is telling Obama dog stories. You know, they named him Bo … which is kind of funny when you think about it.

Jules Crittenden is taking the left to task on their new-found bloodthirstiness in regards to the resent Somali pirate hostage situation. They seem to want to prove that Obama isn’t quite the wuss he’s gives every appearance of being.

Speaking of the pirates American hostage situation, Ed at Hot Air is wondering what we will do about these pirates in the future, now that Captain Richard Phillips has been rescued and this particular situation has been dealt with.

Sister Toldjah has an Easter story for you.

Right Wing News notes that GM is probably headed for bankruptcy. That’s what I’ve been hearing from Michigan relatives. I wonder what that means since they’ve already been bailed out by the taxpayers (me and you). Just wondering.

Wonkette has a few things to say about Obama’s new dog, a Portuguese Water Dog named after actress Bo Derek. It seems there is some question as to whether or not the dog is actually a rescue dog or if there is a vast Ted Kennedy conspiracy to make it appear to be a rescue dog when its really a pure breed from those horrible breeder people that are causing global warming and the end of the world or something like that. You’ll have to read it to understand it and even then, you might not understand it. But please, let me know if you can figure out all the conspiracies. They make my head hurt.

How much fun is this!! The UN has issued a non-binding piece of paper condemning North Korea. I’m sure that has Kim Jong-Il shaking in his boots. If he nukes Japan, they’ll probably be really, really mad and write him a really, really harsh letter!

From Flopping Aces … we love us some Todd Palin! If there’s a reason to be jealous of Sarah Palin … it’s Todd. I just had to throw that in. He’s Esquire’s “Man for America Now”. That’s sounds about right.

Michelle Malkin has evidence that the Obama DHS hit job on conservatives is real.

Back to Glenn Beck and his fainting guest, David Buckner, here’s what Beck said as Buckner tried to tell him he was passing out ….

“You all right?” Beck asked Buckner in the middle of a discussion on government investments.

“I’m passing out,” Buckner told Beck…twice.

“Want to sit down?” Beck asked, grabbing Buckner’s hand as he went crashing to the floor. Beck though knew what to do, saying “We’ll be back in just a second.”

Here are the videos of the segment.

David Buckner passes out on Glenn Beck – Video

David Buckner passes out on Glenn Beck – Video