Syndicated talk radio host, Glen Beck will be attending what appears to be the most symbolic tea party yet; Glen Beck will be among those attending the San Antonio tea party at the Alamo. Read more, see photos and video below.

Glen Beck San Antonio Tea Party

Glen Beck

April 15th to most Americans, unless you’re living under a rock somewhere, is known as tax day. And concerned citizens all over the country have organized “tea parties” to protest the government’s out of control spending. One of the most anticipated of these gatherings will be the one that takes place in San Antonio at the Alamo.

Once again unless you’ve been living under that same rock with the guy who doesn’t know that April 15th is tax day, the Alamo is the Spanish mission where Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie, and many other patriots met their fate, fighting against the Mexican army during the Texas revolution. This battle prompted the cry “remember the Alamo”, pretty fitting for the tea party on April 15th.

Radio host Glen Beck has been promoting this particular tea party for its symbolic backdrop, the Alamo. While Glen Beck himself will not be speaking at the event, he plans to do his nationally syndicated radio show outside of the Alamo on April 15th, and he will also be in attendance at the tea party.

The Tea Parties themselves are symbolic of another event in American history, The Boston Tea Party; this took place in the days prior to the American Revolution, when a group of revolutionaries dressed up as Indians and threw tea into the Boston Harbor, protesting the high taxes being levied against the colonies by England.

Most left wing outlets haven’t really interpreted the meaning of these modern day tea parties; most of the tea parties are not protesting taxation without representation, although you could make an argument for that. How many of you actually feel like you are being properly represented by your elected officials? Well, that’s another topic for another day, these tea parties are in protest of this governments out of control spending habits.

Keep an eye out for the San Antonio tea party at the Alamo; also keep a sharp eye out on the way the left wing media portrays these tea parties, they will no doubt be misreported, and misinterpreted to the fullest extent.

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