Barack Obama’s half-brother, Samson Obama has been denied a visa to enter Britain after being accused of an attempted sex attack on a 13 year old girl there. Read more about it below, see photos and a video.

Barack Obama and brother Samson Obama

Barack Obama with his brother Samson Obama

Samson Obama, one of Barack Obama’s 11 half brothers and sisters, actually lives in Kenya but last November while in England to visit his mom Kezia (one of 4 ‘wives’ of Barack Obama Senior) he was arrested by British police. Reportedly he approached a group of young girls, including a 13 year-old, and allegedly tried to sexually assault one of them. He then supposedly followed the girls into a cafe where he became aggressive and was asked to leave by the owner. That’s when police were called and Samson Obama arrested. He denies the underage girl thing and says it was ‘a bar fight’ that got him in trouble.

It seems Samson, who is 41 years old, gave officers a fake name at the time of his arrest, claiming to be one ‘Henry Aloo’. He was fingerprinted but not charged and quickly left the country.

Fast forward to January of 2009 when Samson Obama tried to enter Britain again to visit relatives while on his way to The One’s inauguration. But diligent immigration officials there barred him from entering the country after cross checking the fingerprints data base and finding out about the sexual assault accusation in November.

Interestingly, the White House was informed by British officials of the incident in full detail yet Samson Obama came on to Washington D.C. with other Kenyan relatives to attend the inaugural festivities, staying in the United States for about three weeks.

From militant muslim activists to illegal aliens to pot heads, Samson Obama is just one more family member in a growing list of dubious characters from The One’s considerably large family tree.

More photos and a video from ‘Obama’s Brother, Samson Obama Accused of Sex Attack’ are below.

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