The transformation of Michelle Obama from angry and bitter candidate’s wife to fashionista icon of the world has been really remarkable to witness. Read more about it below, see amazing photos and watch a video.

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The Glamorous Transformation of Michelle Obama

‘Glamour First’ seems to be the motto for the Obama White House and for First Lady Michelle Obama.

When looking at the above before and after pics, is there any doubt that Michelle Obama has had a heck of a lot of work done to soften and stylize her appearance since we first became aware of her two years ago? ‘The camera doesn’t lie’ as they say. We can see from the reshaping of her seriously wicked eyebrows, the adding of diva false eyelashes, and a trendy designer wardrobe that she looks completely different these days.

Now we’re told that Michelle Obama is the nation’s first First Lady to add a full-time makeup artist to her traveling entourage, according to the stylists who have worked with presidential wives over the past 16 years.

Her new makeup artist is Ingrid Grimes-Miles and she is behind the first of Michelle Obama’s make up reinventions – those scary eyebrows. It seems after the First Lady was criticized for looking angry, her high-arched eyebrows were reshaped to give her a ‘friendlier’ appearance. The overall make up goal for Michelle Obama? A more natural and polished look.

Make up, in Michelle Obama’s case, is a very good thing.

Seriously, we all want our First Family to have all they need to represent us well home and abroad. But Michelle Obama needs to prove she is more then someone who is simply a fashion icon. Many of us still view her as having a very complicated and difficult personality that includes being unpatriotic, quite angry with racist overtones, and definately bitter – all qualities that are completely unacceptable in a First Lady. Do they have reinventing stylists for this as well? Maybe.

More photos and a video from the remarkable transformation of ‘Glamorous’ Michelle Obama are below.

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Glamorous Michelle Obama Photos

Glamorous Michelle Obama Video