A very disturbing new trend is taking shape among youth today and that trend is smoking and or snorting ground up candy, yes candy, like Smarties. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? Read more about it below, see photos, and actual videos of kids doing this dangerous activity.

Smarties Candy

Smarties Candy: Kids Smoke and Snort Them

It’s taking place in homes, lunchrooms, playgrounds and classrooms across the country. Kids are smoking or snorting candy.

It sounds bizarre, even impossible. But kids are grinding up pieces of candy, like “Smarties” the ones we all grew up on, and they are actually inhaling the fine candy powder then blowing it out like cigarette smoke or even snorting it like cocaine. Obviously this behavior is mimicking dangerous and illegal habits, but kids often do what’s “in” to fit in.

Kids also think this is very cool.

So cool that kids of all ages – from elementary to high school – make YouTube videos by the dozens showing the how-to’s of smoking Smarties and even snorting Smarties. I had no trouble finding them and there are two such videos you can watch below the fold. Of course, we know that having popular YouTube videos ensure the kids making them become instant celebrities with their peer groups.

This hip new trend is dangerous. Mark Shikowitz, who is a Long Island ear nose and throat specialist, treated a 9-year-old who had pieces of candy lodged in his nose. The candy eventually dissolved, but Shikowitz said kids could also accidentally inhale the fine powder down the wrong pipe. If the sugar sits in the lungs or in the nasal cavity for a prolonged period of time it could cause an infection.

“That irritation can cause you to cough, can cause you to laryngospasm, which is your voice box spasming and closing. Any time you have a substance such as sugar in these areas, which are moist, it creates a terrific growth medium for bacteria,” Shikowitz said.

Experts also worry that this trend could become a gateway to sparking interest in real cigarettes or illegal drugs. Well, duh. The company that manufactures Smarties said it “regrets that a negative message of this type has been sent to young people.”


More Photos and Videos from ‘Smarties: Kids Smoking and Snorting Candy’ are below.

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Smarties Candy: Kids Smoke and Snort Them Photos

How To Snort Smarties Video

How To Smoke Smarties Video