Barack Obama loves pizza, apparently. He especially likes pizza from Missouri. He likes it so much he had to get him some delivered to the White House 850 miles away. Read about it below, see a photo and the Obama Pizza Rap video.

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Barack Obama
Let them eat pizza!

Food inflation has reached its highest point in twenty years. The Obama Administration is lecturing the people about saving money, planting gardens and cutting back on luxuries. They tell us that we must not do anything that will have a negative impact on the environment or waste our money because heaven only knows how long its going to take for Obama to save the world from inflation.

That’s what’s expected of ‘the people’. Meanwhile, back at the White House nothing is too much excess.

Take for instance the latest Barack Obama craving. It seems the President really enjoyed chef Chris Sommers’ pizza while he was campaigning in St. Louis, Missouri. Sommers’ offered to deliver some frozen pizzas for the President, but couldn’t because of security issues. Not to worry! When you are the President you can get around those pesky security problems and better yet, money’s not an issue.

Instead of having Chris Sommers’ deliver pizza to the White House, Obama just had Sommers’ delivered to the White House along with 20 pounds of dough and three gallons of sauce. Sommers’ will just cook his pizza there for the President. He was scheduled to cook pizzas for lunch there today.

“It will be casual lunch,” says Sommers, who will be helped by Pi chef Ryan Mangialardo, 27, and Anne Schuermann, 24, Sommers’ girlfriend. “Hopefully we’ll have a chance to say hello to the president.”

Sommers is reported to have said: ‘It’s surreal. It’s a huge honour.’

This sounds like the modern day version of Marie Antoinette’s suggestion when she was told the starving French peasants had no bread: ‘Let them eat cake!’ Of course, we know that was propaganda and she didn’t really say that. However, it appears that Obama is saying to the struggling classes: ‘Let them eat pizza!’

Obama Pizza Rap – Video