While I’m typically no fan of these G20 protesters, this video and story is something that chilled me to the bone. Ian Tomlinson was walking home from work and his route took him through some of the areas in London that the G20 protesters had been visiting. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Tomlinson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Guardian reports that Mr. Tomlinson was walking with his hands in his pockets, when suddenly he was viciously attacked from behind by a police officer, for no apparent reason! An officer comes up from behind and starts beating the poor guy with a night stick. The other cops who are all standing there appear to do nothing. Moments later, as he again was trying to walk away from the police, Mr. Tomlinson collapsed and died.

The official statement made by the London police on the night of the death are also outrageously false. The police claim:

He collapsed and died shortly after 7.30pm last Wednesday, when police were still corralling protesters in a cordon near the Bank of England. A statement issued by the Met at 11.36pm described how police were told by a member of the public that a man had collapsed. Two police medics examined him and called for a London ambulance crew, but the statement said police decided to move Tomlinson, who had stopped breathing, because protesters were throwing missiles at them.

The statement made no mention of any prior police contact with Tomlinson. The following day, journalists were briefed by police that he was not a protester, had not been involved with police or been in a crush and had died of natural causes outside of the police cordon.

The police then claim they tried to reach and assist the gentleman, but were prevented from rendering assistance due to the press of people. However, as you can see in the video below this is not even close to the truth. Not only did the police attack Mr. Tomlinson, they don’t even attempt to give him aid (there is even a shot of an ambulance in the video). I understand that sometimes when events are out of control the police can do stupid things. We all do stupid things under stress. I also appreciate the work that most police officers do, they are underpaid and overworked. However, this is not a case of a protester who was going crazy and the cops lost control of the situation. This is a case of pure police misconduct. The fact that they then released a blatant fictitious press statement to “explain” the situation just makes the whole thing more outrageous.

UK Police Kill G20 Protester Video