Nikolas Colton Evans was a 21-year-old man in Austin, Texas who died after being knocked to the ground and hitting his head in a fight on April 5. Since we live in a violent society, his story probably would not have made national news if not for what his mother Missy Evans did to honor her son after he died. His mother went to Travis County court to obtain an order that granted her the right to harvest her son’s sperm so he can reproduce posthumously.

nikolas evans

Nikolas Evans

Missy Evans has harvested her dead son’s sperm and is going to search for the proper surrogate mother to give birth to her grandchildren. According to Missy Evans, who is quoted in this AP story, she is doing this because her son wanted children someday. Supposedly, he had already decided he wanted three sons, and had picked names.

Evans’ body was kept at the proper temperature by the coroner until his sperm could be harvested. A urologist collected the sperm after determining that it was still viable.

This story is proving to be quite distressing for those interested in medical ethics. Some wonder if we should be using a dead man’s sperm to reproduce at all. He will not be around to be a father to the children, and he cannot consent to the use. Also, with so many needy children in the world already, do we want to encourage people to produce offspring in this way, instead of in a traditional family environment?

While everyone sympathizes with Missy Evans, who obviously loved her son very much, is this how we as a society want to bring children into the world?