Linda Brown breeds German Shepard puppies and sold one to the new Vice President Joe Biden. At first it seemed great for her, but it soon turned into a nightmare as she was subjected to the far left’s attack tactics for selling dogs. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

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Champ: Biden Puppy

When Joe Biden became Vice President, his wife Jill Biden, bought him an adorable little German Shepard puppy. Their grandchildren named him ‘Champ’ and all was well …. for a minute. Very shortly, the sale turned into a nightmare for the puppy breeder.

Linda Brown is a Chester County, Pennsylvania woman who owns Wolf Den kennels there. She raises German Shepherds. At first, she was flattered that the Bidens had chosen her kennel to purchase the puppy that would live in the Vice Presidential residence at the United States Naval Observatory. That would seem wonderful for her and the lucky little puppy, Champ, would have quite a nice life, even if it has to live with Joe Biden.

Unfortunately for Linda Brown, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) decided to use the sale of this puppy as an opportunity to for publicity and to practice their intimation techniques. What followed were accusations that Brown’s kennel had previously been suspended by the AKC, investigations, repeated inspections, fines, death threats, accusations of being a ‘puppy mill’ because she lived in close proximity to the Amish and accusations of animal abuse.

Just look at little Champ’s face. Its not his fault he’s a pure breed. Doesn’t he deserve a happy home too?

After four months of hell at the hands of animal rights activists and $4,000 in legal fees (so far), she has been found ‘not guilty’ of all the accusations made against her. Of course, being acquitted doesn’t change the dynamic that she is under attack for being a puppy breeder.

The animal rights activists claim that ‘buy one, get one killed’. I think that no one argues that its not great to get a dog from a shelter. Some of the best dogs are in shelters and just waiting to be rescued by a family they can adore for the rest of their lives. However, is it really necessary to use these fascists tactics against someone who has a different point of view about puppies? And why are they blaming Brown instead of Biden?

Can’t we all just get along? heh!

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