Rembrandt’s masterpiece “The Three Crosses”, is a stunning depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. What could be more remarkable than viewing this beautiful piece of art during Christ’s Passion week; how about looking at Rembrandt’s “The Three Crosses” in a live version. Read more, see photos and video.

Rembrandt The Three Crosses 1653

The Three Crosses

About 45 minutes down the road from me, I found a beautiful and painstakingly accurate interpretation of Rembrandt’s “The Three Crosses”. At Bob Jones University, The Living Gallery consists of artists and actors re-creating some of the world’s most famous and beautiful pieces of art. Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”, and of course Rembrandt’s “The Three Crosses”.

The huge stage becomes one giant piece of “live art”. Set to an original drama piece (Behold Your King by David Burke), it is set on two wings of a large stage. Combined throughout with the play, the music swells and the curtain rises on the large works of “living art”. From the Greenville News:

“It’s like a finely crafted piece of furniture. You make all the elements, but dovetailing them together so that they form this seamless, gorgeous piece of furniture that’s well crafted,” said director Rachel Fisher. “It’s just trying to mesh all of everybody’s view under one umbrella, one glorious push, and that would be, of course, the central figure of Christ and the Resurrection.”

One of the greatest features of the living gallery is the use of light to create a truly two dimensional piece of art. Go here to see photos of this truly astounding work. Stage designers, directors, and artists combine their various talents to create the Rembrandt masterpiece “The Three Crosses. Check out the video here, and see how a local reporter was used in “The Three Crosses”.

Rembrandt’s “The Three Crosses”, is just one of the tools that the students and faculty of Bob Jones University is using this year to tell the remarkable story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This will be the 12th year that Bob Jones will present the “Living Gallery”.

The Three Crosses Video