In the latest Rasmussen opinion poll, only 53% of Americans think that capitalism is better than socialism. While only 20% believe that socialism is the way to go. Read more, see photos and video below.

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Lenin and Stalin

The debate about capitalism, and socialism has been raging in America for some time now; but it has only been on the front of American’s minds since this past election cycle, with so many liberal candidates who fit the Marxist socialist mold. A current Rasmussen poll shows that only 53% of Americans believe that the capitalist way of life is better than the socialist.

With the election of Barack Obama, socialism is becoming the in thing with a lot of people, especially the younger generation. Adults under 30 are almost evenly divided in the Rasmussen poll; 37% opt for capitalism while 33% prefer socialism, a staggering 30% remain undecided. Those in their 30’s are more supportive of capitalism with 49% favoring the free enterprise system. Adults over 40 strongly favor capitalism over socialism with only 13% saying that a socialist government is the right way to go.

People also tend to put their money where their mouth is; those who invest are 5 to 1 in favor of capitalism while only 40% of those who don’t invest their own money favor the capitalist system. Not surprisingly, 25% of those who do not invest favor socialism.

Once again, no big surprise, but those who favor capitalism or socialism are divided in a partisan way as well. Republicans favor capitalism by an 11-1 margin, while democrats are much more divided on the issue; 39% say they favor capitalism while 30% favor socialism.

Amazingly, Rasmussen conducted the same poll in December of 2008; the results were astonishingly different. Just four months ago 70% of those polled preferred a free market economy. This Rasmussen poll tells me that the Obama administration is very effective at getting it’s big brother style message out to the masses, while conservatives have been lacking sufficiently in that regard.

It is still very easy to convey the message of socialism in today’s entitlement society. Folks are in a very fragile, vulnerable state, and the Obama administration along with the democrats in congress, the media and other socialist governments around the world are hitting them hard with the socialist message; without ever really calling it what it is, socialism. This Rasmussen poll demonstrates that very clearly.

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