Brown University will no longer recognize “Columbus Day” as a holiday.

Brown Columbus day

No Columbus Day At Brown

The faculty of Brown University voted to establish a new academic holiday in October called “Fall Weekend” which will be celebrated at the same time as “Columbus Day.” The faculty voted to change the name because a group of Brown students protested the observance of Columbus Day. After all, Christopher Columbus treated Native Americans so very badly. He conquered them and caused them to have horrible diseases, which, by the way, eventually lead to the establishment of the most powerful and wealthiest nation on earth.

Brown University students celebrated the announcement along with members of the Narragansett Indian Tribe.

I have news for Brown University students: most of the Founding Fathers owned slaves, Lincoln mistreated his wife, Malcolm X was a complete sexist, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy were womanizers, and ALL of them were completely unacceptably politically incorrect by today’s standards. If you want to go down this road and judge people by today’s standards, then we cannot honor anything in America’s past.

Oh, and another thing, Native Americans went to war with and conquered each other, and also treated women really badly, so we can’t really celebrate them either. And Africans enslaved each other and also did horrible things to each other, so they can’t be celebrated either. The Japanese/Chinese/Mongols/Koreans spent the better part of 2000 years trying to kill each other, and they really treat women badly too, so let’s not celebrate them either. In fact, the history of the world is filled with people who did horrible things to each other, so perhaps we can’t celebrate any culture, nation or the founding of anything. After all, life sucks.

In fact, why don’t you all engage in self-flagellation for the next 20 years to make up for the fact that you live in a country founded by people who conquered other people and were not-so-nice sometimes. After all, how dare Columbus discover a land that allows you to spend $60,000 a year on a useless education.

In the meantime, this racist/sexist/oppressive individual will continue to enjoy the fruits of Columbus’ discovery.

But hey, since I’m a fair guy, below is a funny video about why Columbus Day is the celebration of a genocidal catastrophe. Yes, I think it’s funny. Unintentionally, very, very, very funny.

Columbus Day Genocide.