As the saga of cargo ship Maersk Alabama unfolds along with the fate of Captain Richard Phillips in the Gulf of Aden, undoubtedly the heroism of the American crew will be an integral part of the story. Their ship was taken hostage by Somali pirates, which prompted the customary calls for diplomacy and restraint from Barack Obama’s administration. Pictures and video below.

Maersk Alabama

Somali Pirates Defeated by Maersk Alabama Crew

One wonders if the White House had a plan? What would it be? About the financial crisis members of Obama’s inner circle were quoted as saying every crisis is an opportunity for political gain. This administration seems to openly relish crises, as if feeding from the anguish of out-of-work Americans and out-of-port crews.

Within an hour of the ship’s seizure, Obama’s team was already meeting in their war-room planning how to stage the current crisis. Their first act was to issue a statement saying the Obama administration is “watching closely” and “assessing a course of action.” The new bureaucrats were clearly in charge.

Meanwhile the 21 members of the Maersk Alabama crew were not waiting to find out proper protocol from Washington. They did not even bother calling the American authorities, but instead made a frantic SOS call to their corporate office. Then the men metaphorically stormed the gun rack and surprised the Somali pirates with armed resistance. They took one pirate captive while the others mysteriously landed in the sea. At this hour they still have the captain, Richard Phillips, hostage in their attack boats. But it is the crew themselves negotiating his release rather than Obama’s men.

One pictures the rough men of the Maersk Alabama grizzled from years of the high-seas, wrapped in tattoos, smoking, drinking and swearing their way around the globe. And we reluctantly contrast this Warholian Americana image with an emerging whiny entertainment culture which produced a skinny metro-sexual president who humorously bowled a 63 score while wearing a tie.

What separates this American crew from others is our unique American culture. We are a rugged people of individual responsibility who are culturally empowered to make our own destiny in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. That is our way, the way of all Americans who preceded the rise of Barack Obama’s men and the vaporous allure of sissified socialism. Now with frittering bailout after bailout emanating from our Washington tax dollars, one suspects that the most precious aspect of American culture is dying under the weight of a girlish nanny state.

But not today. Somali pirates learned a little something about American resourcefulness and ingenuity. While Obama’s war-room in the White House prepared for a public-relations opportunity, the brave crew of the Maersk Alabama took charge of their own destiny. In times of crisis American men rise on their own, just as the brave passengers of Flight 93 did so long ago.

These are American heroes, not the stuff of Obama’s men. While we pray for the success of the crew in negotiating Richard Phillips’ release, we are comforted in knowing the problem is in the right hands.

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Somali Pirates (Photos)

Somali Pirates: Maersk Alabama Ship Hijacking (Video)