Obama in Turkey: Here is the shocking story on Turkish television of a news anchor apparently mocking Barack Obama in black-face makeup. You have got to see it to believe it. Watch the blackface video below and add your comments. A transcript of the English-language translation would be appreciated.

Obama blackface

Obama Black-Face in Turkey TV Editorial

The idea that Barack Obama would be a peace-builder in the world has already proven a vaporous bit of electioneering salesmanship. He is unfortunately not taken seriously enough on the world stage to be a major player in the eyes of foreign leaders and foreign press.

But it is only beginning to dawn on the American people that we elected a president with neither the experience to be effective nor the gravitas to be heard. But we will still adore our fresh leader for better or worse, just as England loves their queen, and we will continue the excited infatuation with his comings and goings just as we follow Britney Spears.

And so we have the inevitable happen in the form of a racist fool on Turkish TV disgracing a perceived lightweight American president in blackface. It does not reflect well on the Turkish people that this is an acceptable media broadcast in their culture, but neither does it reflect well on America’s new standing in the world under Obama’s leadership.

See the Obama black-face video below and tell us what you think. A English-translation transcript will be provided when available.

Obama black faceObama black face TurkeyObama blackface
Obama Black-Face Anchor: Photo Comparison

Obama in Turkey: Obama Black-Face Video