Dawn Gibbons is Nevada’s First Lady. She and her husband, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons have been going through a contentious divorce for a while now. On Monday, April 6, 2009, court papers were unsealed that spell out details of the divorce and allegations made by both sides. Read about it below, see photos and a video.

Dawn Gibbons

Dawn Gibbons

Newly unsealed court documents in the divorce case of Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons and his wife, Dawn Gibbons, reveal accusations made from both sides. Each side is accusing the other. Dawn Gibbons is accusing her husband of affairs with two women in Reno, Nevada. She has named Kathy Karrasch and Leslie Durant as the other women.

Kathy Karrasch was at the center of a text messaging scandal with the Governor. Over several weeks in 2007 he is said to have sent her hundreds of text messages. Karrasch is the estranged wife of a Reno doctor. Gibbons used a state-issued cell phone for the text messages. He apologized and reimbursed the state the $130 the messages cost the state.

Meanwhile, he is also accused of having an affair with Leslie Durant, the ex-wife of former Reno Mayor Pete Sferrazza. She once posed for Playboy.

Jim Gibbons denies the allegations and says he’s not had an affair with either Kathy Karrasch or Leslie Durant. He says that the women are both just friends.

Meanwhile, the Governor has accused his wife of ‘aggressive behavior’. Its unclear as to exactly what he is basing that on.

Dawn Gibbons Biography

Dawn Gibbons was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1954. She is 54 years old. She attended the University of Nevada and earned a B.G.S. degree. She worked her way through college, working as a night janitor while she took classes during the day. She became a successful business woman in Reno and was named Woman of the Year by the Reno Business and Professional Women’s Club in 1988-1989.

She was a trustee for the Washoe Country Airport Authority and Jim was serving in the State Assembly when they met on a blind date. In 1991, when Jim served in Operation Dessert Storm, Dawn was appointed to serve in his place while he was away. When he returned from his military service, he took back his Assembly seat and she returned to focus on her own business.

She serves on numerous boards and has won numerous awards for her community work.

The Gibbons married in June 1986. They had been married for 22 years when he filed for divorce about a year ago on the grounds of ‘incompatibility’. They have three children, Chris, Jennifer and Jimmy. they have three grandchildren, Grant, Brooke and Riley.

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